The Client

SealSkin Medical Wrap

SealSkin is a medical supply company that helps people get through the healing process more comfortably. Their waterproof, flexible medical wrap makes life easier for people healing from a tattoo, surgery, or an operation.


Creating a digital presence to sell online

SealSkin understands that creating an online presence is essential to reaching more customers. That’s why it’s important to them to have a navigable, interactive website so customers can find them online.

But, although SealSkin had a strong grasp of the medical supply industry and believed in their product, they didn’t know where to start with an online strategy. The company felt way out of their depth and needed a partner to guide them through the multifaceted nature of digital strategy.

“It wasn’t just one problem, it was a lot of problems and part of it was that me and others in SealSkin couldn’t even identify what it was.

AM Joseph
SealSkin Medical Wrap


Building a comprehensive marketing approach took the time to listen to the problems SealSkin was having in their digital transition. Diving Bell turned their many obstacles to selling online into a clear, structured marketing approach.

After consulting with SealSkin about the areas they were struggling in, came up with an integrated marketing strategy that included, among other things:

• Targeted PPC campaigns
• SEO content strategy
• Rebranding advising
• A new website that ranks for their key terms
• Advanced dashboards that the founding team can use to
analyze traffic and allocate their marketing budget

Together, they created a content marketing strategy that helped them amplify their online presence. guided them through their new process for marketing and sales.

“There was vast knowledge and vast experience, but also the fact that they are very good at listening. Their attention to detail allowed them to create solutions that I wasn’t aware that I needed. Diving Bell thought outside the box and down the road.

AM Joseph
SealSkin Medical Wrap


A 448% lift in online search traffic and 23% increase in sales

Shortly after implementing the content strategy and website revamp, SealSkin started to see results. They saw a massive increase of 448% in organic search traffic and some of their most prominent keywords, including medical wrap, started ranking. They now own the #1 search result for “shower with a PICC line,” which will help them draw in traffic over the long term.

The PPC campaign also proved to be the boost their sales needed. They gained an impressive 5,800 conversions from the campaign and a record-breaking 23% increase in sales. As a result, the company’s online presence is now on solid footing, ready to skyrocket their growth in online sales.

“A new way of handling marketing and sales was being put into force. It was exciting, very interesting and I was energized to know that the options presented even existed.

AM Joseph
SealSkin Medical Wrap

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Reach out to for a comprehensive marketing strategy to grow your business.