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4 Sep, 2018

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It’s a difficult task to find a reliable host for your site.  WP Engine is definitely the best managed WordPress hosting that we’ve found.  We’ll tell you why:

Problems with other managed WordPress hosting services

Like most people, we didn’t want to spend money on hosting. So we went to a provider that costs $2-5 a month, 7 of them actually. What a deal, right? Well, if you want stuff like security, backups, SSL or caching, you’re generally on your own. But how big a deal is this?


WordPress is the number one CMS on the internet. It’s easy to use but also means that people know a lot about sites that run WordPress. “Script Kitties” are running bots to try and hack sites 24 hours a day. These bots are constantly crawling your site and attempting to login because everyone knows your default login page. A bot can attempt to login an unlimited number of times. Unless you get one or two security plugins to help, you’re vulnerable.


What happens when your site goes down, an update breaks your site or you’re hacked?  Discount hosts don’t have backups by default.  You can purchase them or get another plugin to help out but they’re generally limited and need a functioning website in order to work properly.

SSL Certificates

With the rise of spoof sites, Google is prioritizing secure websites in search. An SSL certificate activates https protocol and allows secure connections from your web server to a visitor’s browser. As marketers this needs to be a priority. SSL certificates can cost extra and require some backend work to be implemented.


Caching your page elements can speed up your site exponentially for returning visitors.  It’s one of the most important ways to speed up your site.  Wordpress does not come with caching enabled and would require additional plugins.

Way Too Many Plugins

Plugins are great but they can end up bloating your site.  Every issue we mentioned above has a free plugin that can help but too many plugins creates issues.  Some plugins overlap one another and if they aren’t updated consistently, may stop working.  Also, the more plugins you have, the more troubleshooting that needs to happen if something goes wrong.

The Solution

We spent a lot of time dealing with these issues. We’ve used Microsoft servers, shared hosting and dedicated servers. After spending months trying 7 competitors we decided that our website and our time was worth paying a little bit more for a superior WordPress host. That’s when we decided to try managed WordPress hosting. The experts handle all of the backend infrastructure while we serve our clients and create more content.

The Best Managed WordPress Hosting

WP Engine handles all of the above problems beautifully out of the box. When we moved our site (in 30 minutes with their migration tool), our pages were loading twice as fast.

Don’t take our word for it? WP Engine consistently beats the competition in speed. Also, Moz said it was the best-managed WordPress hosting option for security. You can add a free SSL certificate with the click of a button. WP Engine has come out of nowhere in the last few years and has made itself best known for customer service. They are super helpful and knowledgeable. We also enjoy their page speed tests and one-click staging capabilities and the ability.

Those are just a few reasons why we love WPEngine.

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