David Bell

Co-founder | Consulting Partner

David Bell is an SEO Consultant at Previsible with 10 years of experience. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies like Royal Caribbean and Bank of America to help them scale their organic search traffic by implementing scalable processes.

David started in the digital marketing agency space with a focus on direct marketing and inbound marketing strategies, where he developed his skills for communication and SEO strategies and was tapped to lead the agency, creating a new team to build websites and deliver SEO results.

In 2018, David went out on his own to fulfill his dream of living and working abroad and now resides in Santiago, Chile. He is a driven self-starter who has consulted with multiple startups to help them go from ideation to funding.

David enjoys taking on new challenges, breaking them down and converting them into manageable bite-sized processes. His SEO knowledge and organizational skills allows him to solve abstract problems with a methodical and collaborative approach. If he can’t figure out how to do something, he’ll find the person that does.

More from David:

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