Semrush Enterprise: Revolutionizing Digital Marketing for Large Corporations

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2 Nov, 2023

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On Tuesday, October 31, 2023, I had the great privilege of seeing the new Semrush Enterprise platform unveiled. Marcus Tober, the innovator behind the platform’s new capabilities, demoed the product and reviewed its value for a select group of industry leaders, of which I was grateful to be a part. Below, I have highlighted some impressions regarding the innovative capabilities and overall value of the Semrush Enterprise platform.

SEOs and businesses around the world are investing more resources into their online presence and organic traffic. Whether it’s understanding audience behavior, enhancing content strategies, or outperforming competitors in the digital space, the right tools are indispensable. Semrush, a globally recognized digital marketing software company, has recently upped the ante by introducing its new Enterprise Platform. Designed specifically for SEO Teams and enterprise efforts, this platform promises unmatched features and capabilities.

Time Savings: The Unsung Challenge for SEOs

One of the most significant challenges SEO professionals face, especially in larger corporations, is time management. SEO is a multifaceted domain requiring attention to detail, ongoing analysis, and constant updates. With the increasing complexity of search engine algorithms and the vast digital landscape, the time needed to manage, analyze, and act can be overwhelming.

This is where SEMrush’s Enterprise Platform shines brightly. I found that the platform’s capabilities match many of the needs of Agency and In-House SEOs. For example, intent trends is a topic that SEOs often want to analyze but rarely have the time to process. In the graphic below, you can see a collection of time-saving benefits that can be applied to identify and analyze intent trends and other complex data sets.

SEMRUSH Intent Map Trend

Streamlined Workflows: Traditional SEO tasks that might have taken hours, if not days, can now be executed in mere minutes. From keyword research to site audits, the platform’s tools are designed to streamline processes, making it quicker and more efficient for professionals to get the insights they need. This includes analysis at a directory level, keyword level, and even content performance management.

Integrated Tools: Shifting between multiple tools can be a major time drain. The Semrush Enterprise Platform consolidates various SEO functions into one unified dashboard. This means less time spent logging in and out of different tools and more time optimizing efforts and tasks.

Tailored Reporting: Crafting reports can be time-consuming. The platform’s enhanced reporting capabilities mean that SEOs can generate tailored reports in a fraction of the time it used to take. Plus, with custom dashboards, you have immediate access to the data most relevant to you, reducing the time spent sifting through irrelevant information.

Collaborative Efficiencies: The platform seamlessly integrates with partners and experts to perform tasks and manage SEO bandwidth. The platform’s collaborative features allow teams to work together in real time, slashing the time wasted on miscommunication or waiting for updates. You can also hire experts within a marketplace to complete work and support an SEO team.

It’s clear that time savings was a critical focus of the team developing the Semrush Enterprise Platform’s innovative technology. The realization of this vision will allow SEO professionals to reclaim time and replace SEO tasks with a justifiable investment.

Understanding the Semrush Enterprise Platform

Semrush has long been a trusted ally for digital marketers, offering tools for SEO, content marketing, competitor analysis, and much more. Here at Previsible, we use Semrush core in a daily bases to support our own knowledge and client tasks. Recognizing the unique needs of in-house SEOs and agencies, the team behind Marcus are developing a simplified process to access data.

The platform offers a suite of advanced tools and features tailored to serve large organizations, making it easier than ever to navigate the complex world of content marketing and SEO. Here’s a deeper dive into the platform itself:

1. Fast Reporting Capabilities

The Enterprise Platform boasts improved reporting capabilities, that are generated in a flash. Whether it’s a global, multinational, or large national corporation, understanding larger data sets is essential. The platform allows companies to create custom dashboards and reports, ensuring every stakeholder receives information tailored to their needs. This includes reports like share of voice and volatility index which are critical to maintaining stakeholder expectations.

2. Comprehensive Data Analysis

Data is the backbone of any digital strategy. With expanded historical data and advanced analytics, the Enterprise Platform provides a comprehensive view of your digital footprint. This includes monitoring backlinks, keyword rankings, and traffic sources, providing a holistic understanding of where you stand in the digital landscape.

3. Collaborative Features

Digital marketing isn’t a one-person show. It requires collaboration across various teams and stakeholders to succeed. The platform offers advanced collaboration tools that streamline workflow, from content creation to SEO optimization. One of the key benefits includes the ability to hire talented resources from a freelancer marketplace.

4. Competitor Benchmarking

In the digital space, understanding your competition is as crucial as understanding your own business. The platform offers unparalleled competitor benchmarking tools, allowing companies to analyze competitor strategies, track their movements, and stay ahead of the curve, all through seamless and easy-to-set-up reports and analysis.

The Verdict: A Game-Changer for the SEO Community

The digital space is vast and evolving rapidly. I have personally witnessed the growing pains of SEO software evolution for over a decade. No platform or solution is perfect, and the need to save time is a constant challenge for SEOs and digital marketers alike. Semrush’s new Enterprise Platform is not just another digital marketing tool; it’s a comprehensive solution designed with the intricacies of large-scale operations in mind.

With its enhanced features, from in-depth data analysis to collaborative tools, it offers everything large corporations and SEO teams need to dominate the digital landscape.

What is next…

Today, the platform is only available to a select group of test users and beta customers. However, Marcus and the Semrush team are set to scale and reach out to more agencies and in-house SEOs as they expand the software’s capabilities. To learn more and apply for early access, visit Semrush Enterprise.

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