SEO Content Strategy How-to Guide

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16 Jun, 2021

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SEO content strategy (Search engine optimization) is the lifeblood of modern marketing. By getting your website links higher up in the search engine algorithm, you’ll have more and more people seeing you and using your services. Despite being such an integral part of businesses these days, far too many business owners don’t know the first thing about taking advantage of SEO content. Personally, we think it’s high time that changed. Let’s look at the basics of crafting an SEO content strategy and how you can implement it into your business’ online framework.

Understanding SEO Content Strategy

Before anything else, it’s important that you fully understand SEO to craft a good strategy for using it. To summarize, SEO is the process used to increase your website’s visibility in a search engine’s results. It’s distinct from simply buying ads as SEO specifically refers to organic link placements among search engine results.

This is accomplished by working with the algorithms that decide what content gets shown to internet users. It involves the volume of web pages you have, the various keywords used in those pages, the links connecting to and from your pages, and several other factors. All parts of SEO intend to boost interaction and engagement with your site to make it appear more popular and end up higher on the search engine results list.


Keywords are the bread and butter of any SEO content strategy. Using good keywords is one of the easiest ways to get indexed (included) onto the search engine results. Not just any random words will do, though.

To find what will work for you, you’ll want to research effective keywords that are relevant to what you do and what you think your target demographics will be searching for. As an example, SEO for a local business might include keywords that reference the town or city name or famous landmarks. If someone from your town is looking something like this up or a search engine links these keywords with their location, you’re more likely to appear as one of their results.

Build Links

Getting other websites to link to your content is a powerful strategy for both driving traffic to you and ranking higher in the search engine results. There are a few ways to go about this, the simplest being to just come out and ask to collaborate with others.

This is also a great way to network in the online space and make friends instead of enemies with those similar to yourself. You can also try a less personal means of this strategy by crafting content similar to what is featured elsewhere, as this is likely to get you linked to by those sites.

Find the Right SEO Content Strategy

Getting people to your website usually involves creating good content. The content strategy here seems obvious, right? Just make good content and people will read it. Well, it’s not always that simple. No matter how good your content may be, it’s not going to get shared or linked if it’s not something people are interested in clicking at the moment. That’s why you’ll often hear of people making content “for the algorithm” to capitalize on various trends.

Getting picked up during one of these times can greatly boost your visibility and really help you take off as a smaller business. Another strategy you can try is what’s known as skyscrapering. This is a technique that involves finding popular content others have created and using it as a basis to create your own better and more engaging content on the same or similar topic. You can capitalize on the trending nature of the subject while outshining the competition all in one.

Putting It Together

While there’s definitely more you can learn about content strategy, these are some of the basics of understanding what SEO content strategy is and how to use it effectively. Now you just need to put it together into a strategy. For help with developing your own SEO content strategy, get in touch with and let our experienced team of digital marketing professionals set you on the right path with our small business SEO Services.

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