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Finding the right SEO resources to grow and scale organic search traffic can be a challenging task. Previsible helps organizations find vetted and qualified SEO professionals to join their internal teams. There is a wide range of SEO skills and talent on the market. We work with clients to ensure they are looking for adequate skills that meet their unique organization needs. We are able to leverage our extensive network of qualified SEOs, and conduct custom skills assessments to ensure the candidates are qualified and meet the needs of your organization.

Our SEO Recruiting Retained Search includes:
  • Job description and required skills alignment
  • Candidates go through three steps prior to being passed through to our clients:
    • Candidate screening
    • Skills assessment
    • Second round panel interview
  • Clients receive a curated list of our top 3-5 candidates where we setup the initial interview with your hiring team


  • SEO analyst – $10K
  • SEO Manager / Consultant – $15K
  • SEO Director and Above – $20K

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