Top 10 PPC Automation Software and Bid Management Tools to Take Your Campaign to the Next Level

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17 Jun, 2021

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Did you know that 79% of marketers affirm that pay-per-click (PPC) advertising benefits their business tremendously? PPC is a vital part of digital marketing that increases brand visibility, improves website traffic, generates leads and sales, and offers a high ROI. PPC automation software makes this easier. Research shows that you make $8 for every dollar you spend on Google Ads.

Although PPC is hugely beneficial for enterprises, managing PPC ads can be daunting and laborious. You have to research keywords, determine what competitors are bidding on, and create a budget. Once you launch the campaign, you must monitor it and make adjustments accordingly. All these tasks, together with other marketing tasks, can be overwhelming for business owners.

Luckily, numerous tools in the market can make PPC-related tasks easier and save marketers the burden of running campaigns manually. PPC automation software and bid management tools are game-changers in PPC and take your campaign to the next level. This article examines the best PPC automation and bid management tools to improve your campaign.

PPC Automation Software

1. WordStream PPC Advisor

WordStream’s PPC Advisor is a useful and reliable tool for PPC campaign and bid management. It is suitable for small businesses that want to take advantage of PPC automation software, but lack the finances to hire experts.

Wordstream offers recommendations on bids based on your goals and demand by combining keyword discovery, grouping, analysis, and prioritization. It also allows you to create campaigns, find positive and negative keywords, and adjust your budget.

With Wordstream’s online bid management tools, you don’t have to spend time and effort managing your campaigns. You need only activate the ’20 minutes Work Week’ tool to track your PPC campaigns.

2. Optmyzr

This tool aims to make PPC management smarter. It is ideal for businesses with large budgets, intending to run multiple PPC campaigns, or looking for numerous automated features. It has advanced tools for creating and managing PPC automation software campaigns in bulk. Also, it can manage bids, budgets, and keywords on Google and Bing Ads.

Among the desirable things about Optmyzr is that it can perform lots of tedious and high-level tasks so that you can concentrate on other essential elements of your PPC campaign. Also, you have access to performance data and you can make adjustments accordingly.

3. Google Ads Editor

Formerly known as AdWords Editor, Google Ads Editor is an incredible tool for creating, editing, and monitoring Google Ads. It offers performance monitoring as well as bulk ad editing. You can edit several ads at once and preview them before posting them. Also, you can use the editor alongside Google Ads to create a bid strategy for your campaigns.

If you are starting out on PPC automation software and want to try Google first, this tool can be a simple and affordable option. However, unlike paid PPC managers, Google Ads Editor does not offer automation options. Therefore, be prepared to make manual adjustments and monitoring.

4. Bing Ad Editor

While Google is the chief PPC option for many marketers, Bing PPC is also gaining prominence, thanks to its more than 5 billion daily inquiries. Bing has software for PPC ads similar to Google’s. With Bing Ad Editor, you can edit ads, manage bids, research keywords, and track your performance. Nevertheless, this editor is only accessible to Bing ad users and does not have automation tools.

5. Marin

Marin is a powerful and easy-to-use bid management software. It uses vast chunks of data and patented machine-learning algorithms to assign budgets and calculate bids. Marine provides bid management features for ads on Google, Bing, Facebook, and Yahoo.

The tool provides analytics so that you know how your campaign is performing. The most remarkable thing about Marin is that it is easy to navigate and manage and has features to help businesses improve their paid search performance.  

6. SEMRush

This PPC management software handles competitive research, keyword research, and campaign planning. It helps you identify your competitors in paid search and the keywords they have bid for in the past. Using the analytics, you can determine whether to follow a similar bidding strategy or a different one.

SEMRush has features that allow you to see how multiple competitors are performing in the PPC game. Also, you can get suggestions for strong keywords and their search volume. The software has different pricing plans suitable for both small and large enterprises.

7. Acquisio

Acquisio is a bid and budget management tool for PPC. It uses algorithms to examine and adjust bids and budget distribution. It allocates budgets by considering factors such as seasonality, day of the week, time, and ad platform. With this software, you don’t have to spend time on PPC bidding and bid research.

This software is excellent for marketers with multiple accounts and those who are too busy to track bids and budget distribution. It has flexible pricing plans, making it an excellent option for small and large companies.

8. AdNabu

This is the best PPC software for e-commerce businesses that allows them to increase sales from Google Ads campaigns. It helps marketers to optimize their PPC campaigns while identifying new opportunities to generate sales.

Among the best things about AdNabu include its powerful automation capabilities, innovative ad optimization, and 24/7 support. Also, more than four thousand organizations globally use AdNabu to enhance their Google Ad Campaigns.

9. Kenshoo

This bid management tool lets you make and adjust multiple bids. It uses innovative machine-learning algorithms to offer bid suggestions, budgets, and ad performance forecasts.

Kenshoo is renowned for its programmed accounts that aid in campaign creation to drive clicks and traffic. It also offers real-time reports so that you can see the performance of your campaign. Although Kenshoo is an enterprise-level software, it provides plans and paid tools for startup-level businesses.

10. Captivise

This powerful PPC management software is used by SEO experts and PPC managers. It manages your bids to maximize profitability and ROI while saving time and eradicating repetitive PPC bid tasks.

The Takeaway

PPC campaigns are an excellent way for businesses to generate traffic, leads, and ROI. However, creating profitable campaigns can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and costly.

Luckily, the automation software and bid management tools outlined above can help you create, manage, track, and adjust your campaigns, bids, and budgets. Contact us to learn which platform is right for you.

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